Welcome To World War 2 Revisited


Welcome to World War 2 Revisited a new website that looks at what remains of the Second World War across Europe: battlefields, bunkers, memorials, museums, tanks and also new books, DVDs, and websites.

My name is Paul Reed. I am a military historian with a life-long interest in WW2; my father fought at Anzio, my maternal grandfather was at Dunkirk and anyone of my generation born in the 1960s grew up on a diet of Airfix kits and Battle comics, along with black and white war movies and the monumental TV series World At War. I have been visiting WW2 battlefields since the mid-1970s, and have worked as a battlefield guide across WW2 battlefields in Europe for more than 25 years; currently I am Head Battlefield Guide at Leger Holidays.

I also work in television and in recent years have worked on projects such as Dig WW2 with Dan Snow and Channel 5’s War Hero In My Family. My first book on WW2 came out in 2012, Walking D-Day and I have several others in the pipeline about Arnhem, Italy and the Battle of the Bulge.

I spend most of my life visiting old battlefields and talking to veterans and this new site allows me share the experience of travels and post some of the many photos I take along the way.

I am just about to heading out on a journey across France, Holland and Germany following the last battles of WW2 in Europe in April-May 1945 and will be posting material every day as I make the journey so do make sure you subscribe to the site or follow it on Twitter via @ww2battlefields.

Do have a good look round the site at the existing content: much more to come!

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