WW2 Book Review: Over The Battlefield

Over The Battlefield: Operation Goodwood by Ian Daglish
(Pen & Sword 2015, ISBN 978 1 84415 153 0, 272pp, illustrated, paperback, £14.99)


The ‘Over The Battlefield’ series of books by Pen & Sword and authored by Ian Daglish take a different angle when examining some of the key battles of the Normandy Campaign by using air photos to help explain the course of the fighting. This volume is on Operation Goodwood, when a massive British tank force attacked east of the Orne river in July 1944. This is very much an in depth study with a huge number of supporting images, including many aerial photos which have never before been published. The book is well written and easy to dip in and out of, and essential to anyone who wants to visit Normandy and understand the course of the fighting during Op Goodwood in July 1944. Recommended.

The book is available from the Pen & Sword website.

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