Ede Sherman

M$ Sherman Ede
M4 Sherman Ede

We ended our journey following the battles of 1945 in Holland, looking at the ground around Arnhem. Most people who come to Arnhem do so to follow the Airborne element of Operation Market Garden and examine the fighting here from a 1944 perspective, perhaps not even realising that there was a battle at Arnhem in 1945. This is the ‘forgotten Arnhem’.

As part of our visits today we went down to the area east of Arnhem where British troops crossed in Buffalio LVTPs in April 1945. The Lower Rhine near Oosterbeek was ignored in this operation because of the problems encountered with the Germans in control of the high ground here in September 1944.

M4 Sherman Ede
M4 Sherman Ede

We then went on to Ede on the western side of Arnhem to visit a M4 Sherman which was placed here as a memorial to the Calgary Regiment who fought here in April 1945. This particular model is a M4 Sherman 105mm support version, a less common example of this tank. These are less common locations seen in the area of ‘Forgotten Arnhem’ and commemorate the final victory and liberation of this region in the final phase of the war.


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  1. Jan Brouwer says:

    Holland must be The Netherlands


    1. ww2guide says:

      Holland is indeed the Netherlands but in WW2 all British and Commonwealth troops referred to it as ‘Holland’.


  2. Jan Brouwer says:

    That’s right, but it was a fault.


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